Online Courses

Angular JS

Understanding Basics of JavaScript
2. Understand JavaScript objects
3. Delegates in JavaScript
4. IIFE functions in JavaScript
5. Object oriented JavaScript
6. Understand Lexical scope and Closures in JavaScript
7. What is Angular?
8. Why Angular?
10. Understand Bower
11. Angular Components
12. Understand Angular Modules
25. Working with multiple controllers
26. Understand $rootscope
27. Working with Nested Controllers
28. Understand scope inheritance in nested controllers
29. Inheriting scope with two independent controllers
30. $rootScope vs $scope
33. Understand ng-options
34. Ng-show,ng-hide,ng-disabled
35. Introduction to ng-init and ng-class
38. Understand filters
39. Creating Custom filters
55. introduction to Creating custom Directives
66. introduction to Creating Custom Services
72. Best practices and problems
16. Introduction to Ng-app and ng-Controller and $scope
17. Understand Directives
18. Angular Architecture
19. Understand digest cycle
20. Handling Events in Angular
21. Introduction to One way binding and expressions in angular
22. Working with Collections in angular
23. Understand ng-repeat
24. Test – Create a grid with data entry
25. Understand $scope.parent vs $rootscope
26. Angular and jQuery together
27. Working with undefined in Angular
28. Creating Custom Services
29. Angular.copy
30. Routing
31. $on and $broadcast and $emit
32. Understand $scope.parent vs $rootscope
33. $watch and $watchcollection

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